Ravensburger - Mediterranean Italy 1000 pieces

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This 1000 piece puzzle depicts a scene of Italy's coast from the Mediterranean with orange skies, blue waters, and centuries-old building reaching out to the sea. Manufactured by Ravensburger, the puzzle is a part of the Mediterranean Places theme. It beautifully captures the coastal city of Italy in 1000 small pieces each one uniquely designed. When two right pieces put together, you will hear a soft click that helps puzzlers proceed in the puzzle without making the mistake of putting the wrong pieces together. The puzzle uses premium quality cardboard to ensure durability and the pieces have a linen finish, which reduces problems of glare faced by puzzlers. As a result, you can work on the puzzle for hours without stressing your eyes. The completed puzzle measures approximately 70cm x 50cm. This puzzle recommended for children over the age of 12. With 1000 pieces to put together, it helps puzzlers develop focus, concentration, and logical thinking.