Is Pokemon good for kids?

I read the follow comment by Paul Simons and I am totally agree.
Paul Simons, Overlord of Time and Space

In my opinion, Pokémon is a very good game for kids. Pokémon doesn't have any violence, swears, or anything you wouldn't want your child seeing / hearing. Pokémon could teach your child responsibility. In the game, you have to train your Pokémon and care for it to have it perform well in battle. Caring and training a Pokémon could give your child a sense of responsibility. In battle, you have to consider what types of Pokémon are effective against other types (For example, fire beats plants and water beats fire). These types of basic thinking and strategy could go a long way in problem-solving and thinking ahead. Considering how popular Pokémon is, your child would also make a lot of new friends who also like Pokémon. I too have friends to this day that I met due to our mutual love of Pokémon. All in all, pokemon is a great game for kids and I would highly recommend it!